Who We Are

Who We Are

The Hummingbird Fund serves as an accelerator for innovation in ALS research, advocacy, and overall functional support, through stable and sustainable partnerships that are family- and patient-centric, and kind.

The Hummingbird Fund Stands on Three Pillars







How It Works

How It

Our advisory committee has set up the Hummingbird Fund as a “committee-advised fund” within the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF). All donations are tax-deductible, and every dollar given to the Hummingbird Fund is ultimately allocated based on the discretion and oversight of CACF, and the Plews-Ogan family directs the allocations of Hummingbird Funds according to our mission.


On November 17, 2022, Dr. Ogan gave the McGehee Lecture at UVA School of Nursing. To watch the lecture and hear him speak on the Therapeutic Use of Self in the Land of ALS, use the link below.


The Latest from Jim


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Two toasts

Two toasts

Peggy is truly the public speaker in the family, even though she is the most introverted. Her leadership positions have necessitated planned speeches in large public settings,...

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